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Flavoured Cheese

When it comes to cheese are you a traditionalist or do you like something a bit different? 

At J S Bailey we offer a wide range of cheeses and are definitely lovers of all the old classics.  At the end of the day there are times when you just can’t beat a mature cheddar, a strong stilton or a double Gloucester.

That said we also love to try something new and we’re not the only ones.  Demand for our innovative range of flavoured cheeses has never been higher.

In recent years we’ve introduced a wide range of interesting and different new cheeses and these are proving extremely popular.

We know there are cheese purists out there who don’t like their cheese favourites to be tampered with.  We all know someone who believes adding fruit to their cheese is sacrilegious and there are plenty of cheese lovers who turn their noses up at anything with added flavour claiming these cheeses are just a novelty or a fad but we disagree.

We’ll admit that some of our more unusual cheeses are certainly different and some might divide opinion.  In our view that isn’t always a bad thing.  We don’t mind if you love or hate our Cheddar & Marmite or if you find our chilli laden Scorpion a bit too hot because we know that lots of our customers love them!

We like to think we offer something to tempt even the most traditional cheese lover.  So whether you prefer tried and tested combinations such as White Stilton & Apricot or Wensleydale & Cranberries or have more adventurous tastes and would enjoy White Cheshire & Marmalade or our chilli laden Volcano or Scorpion there is something for everyone in out range of flavoured cheeses.

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