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Christmas Cheese Wheels

Everyone knows cheese is a big hit at Christmas. It makes an excellent canapé, dessert, side dish or even a tasty ingredient in other meals.

What is the best way to enjoy cheese at Christmas?

If you haven’t tried one before, we highly recommend incorporating a cheese wheel into your Christmas menu. Cheese wheels are a cost-effective way to buy cheese for Christmas.

During the festive season, you are likely to eat cheese multiple times as after dinner platters, starters or as canapés with a glass of wine. Buying lots of small cheese samples is costly during Christmas but a cheese wheel means you can continually slice wedges to your desired size and serve them.

Cheese Wheels

The tradition of cheese wheels

Cheese is traditionally produced in wheels. During the cheese making process the curds are placed in wheel shaped moulds, which would make the cheese easier to handle and transport by rolling them. This also makes large amounts of cheese easier to store, slice and serve.

J S Bailey’s cheese wheels

You may be thinking that cheese wheels are all well and good for cost effectiveness but you want to enjoy varied platters and multiple flavours of cheese over Christmas. Well J S Bailey have the answer. We have a fabulous selection of delicious cheese wheels available and best of all, multi flavour cheese wheels where every section is a different delightful infusion. Enjoy segments of cheddar, wensleydale with cranberries, garlic flavoured cheese, chilli cheese and more.

We have carefully crafted our cheese wheels for the ideal combination of complimentary flavours. These cheese wheels are both delicious and great fun, making them a wonderful addition to your Christmas dining experience.

Cheese wheels are consistently one of our most popular products during the festive season and they are only growing in popularity.

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