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New study may provide an answer to the age-old question, is cheese good for you?

Cheese lovers rejoice! There is now scientific evidence that cheese lovers are often slimmer.
It is often the first thing that people will cut from their diet when trying to lose weight, however a recent study has revealed that cutting cheese from your diet or eating low-fat versions of cheese may not be the best approach to staying slim. In fact, findings found that previous understandings of the impact that cheese can have on your health, such as raising cholesterol levels, were not true.

The study, carried out by University College Dublin, looked at the impact of dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream and butter, on 1,500 Irish people.

Astoundingly it was not those that ate lots of cheese that had higher cholesterol as you may have assumed, but instead, the study found that those eating the low-fat counterparts of dairy products tended to have higher cholesterol.

Other benefits of eating cheese


Aside from the study of cheese and the impact on cholesterol levels, past research has also found a number of other health-related benefits.

According to research, eating cheese may be able to protect teeth from cavities. Our mouths have a relatively low Ph level (slightly acidic) and when we eat or drink products that can reduce the Ph of our mouths then tooth enamel will be affected. The research found that cheese can boost the ph within our mouth for as much as 30 minutes after eating, which will ultimately benefit tooth enamel.

So there we have it, proof that your love of cheese will not increase your waist line but can also protect your teeth from cavities.

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