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Interesting facts about cheese that you might not know

Cheese is loved by people worldwide, in the UK alone it is bought in over 98% of households. There is an entire world of interesting facts about cheese out there for the cheese lover to know; here are some of our favourites:

Facts about cheese

  1. On average, it can take up to 10 litres of milk to make just 1kg of cheese
  2. A wheel of cheddar cheese that weighed over 1,000lbs was given to Queen Victoria as a wedding gift
  3. Wheels of cheese are round for a very good reason; rather than carrying heavy blocks of cheese, European cheese makers realised that rolling cheeses would be much more beneficial
  4. Dating back to Roman times the Cheshire cheese is one of the oldest British cheeses, it also receives a mention in the Domesday Book.
  5. There is an argument that people that eat lots of cheese are more likely to be slimmer than those that don’t – take a look at our blog
  6. The Roman Empire loved cheese so much that large houses had separate kitchens solely for the purpose of making cheese, called careale
  7. A study carried out by the British Cheese Board found that cheese can actually help you sleep better, however it can also cause weird or intense dreams
  8. We’ve all heard of cheese made from cow and goat’s milk but cheese can be produced from many types of milk, including buffalo and yak.
  9. The most expensive cheese in the world is $500 per pound and is made from Moos milk at a farm in Bjurholm, Sweden
  10. According to archaeological surveys there is evidence that cow and goat milk has been used to make cheese since before 6000 B.C.

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