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How to store your cheese correctly

Understanding how to correctly store your cheese can mean the difference between being able to enjoy a deliciously cheesy meal or having the crushing disappointment of a bland, cheese-less dish. There are a number of steps you can take to extend the life of your favourite cheeses, here we have compiled a few tips so that you can enjoy your cheese for longer.

how to store cheese

How to store cheese

Many people choose cling film to keep their cheese fresh, however this could be having the opposite effect. Clingfilm will often trap moisture with your cheese, which will in turn encourage mould to grow faster.

To avoid this, experts have suggested that waxed paper is a great alternative to keep cheese fresh, as it allows for a fine balance between maintaining enough moisture. This means that the cheese doesn’t dry out, whilst also stopping too much moisture from accumulating and allowing mould to build.

If you won’t be eating your cheese within the next few days, adding an additional layer will help your cheese from drying out further. Place your wrapped cheese in a sealable plastic bag, this will retain enough moisture whilst allowing the cheese to breathe.

These guidelines will, however, differ from cheese to cheese. For example, it is recommended that blue cheese is wrapped in foil and then wax paper to ensure it doesn’t leak as it matures further.

For cheeses such as brie or mozzarella, experts recommend it is stored in your fridge’s salad drawer, as this often the most humid part of the fridge, the ideal environment for mozzarella and brie.

So there you have it, our guide to storing your cheese in the correct way; our cheese production and distribution ensures that all the cheese that we supply reaches our customers in perfect condition, place your order today.

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