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The world’s cheesiest pizza

Cheese lovers around the world are lining up to try a new cheesy delicacy in Berlin, the world’s cheesiest pizza. In fact, the chef who created the pizza wanted it to be so cheesy that he included an astounding 111 different types of cheese, with the weight of cheese reaching 288.6g, winning it the Guinness World Record for the ‘greatest variety of cheese on a pizza’.

cheesy pizza

Created by an American pizza chef at Italian restaurant Vadoli Pizzeria in the heart of Berlin, Germany, the pizza is surprisingly not as big as you may think to accommodate such as substantial amount of cheese. Measuring only slightly bigger than an average pizza, the chef has meticulously weighed each and every variety of cheese to ensure that just 2.6g of each makes it onto the delicious dish.

So now for the most important part, which varieties of cheeses were included on this record-breaking pizza? According to the Guinness World Records the pizza contained cheeses from across the globe, including: emmental, Leicestershire red, mozzarella, comet, Raclette de Chèvre and many many others.

In order to achieve its world record, the pizza was judged by an official adjudicator and cheese expert before being sliced (alongside nine others) and served to guests and a party to celebrate the achievement. One lucky party guest stated that each and every piece of the delicious pizza tasted entirely different from the next.

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