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The world’s largest cheese board has been unveiled

Just weeks after the world record for the cheesiest pizza was broken, we now have yet another Guinness World Record gracing the cheese world, the world’s largest cheese board. Weighing in at a whopping 4,437 lbs, over 1,000 lbs more than its European predecessor, the cheese board attracted an audience of over 45,000 people.

The board was created by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, who brought together 145 different cheeses, placing them on a board that measured an astounding 35 feet long and 7 feet wide, which was subsequently housed in a purpose built barn that spanned the length of an entire street in Madison, Wisconsin.

cheese board

As you can imagine, it was a mammoth task to create the cheese board, with over 60 people joining the effort to prepare, transport, house, style and weigh all of the cheeses used. The centrepiece of the board was a 2,000 lb wheel of cheddar cheese, with a variety of other delicious varieties surrounding it, including feta, blue-veined cheese and winner of the 2017 cheese championships Sartori Black Pepper BellaVitano.

Of the 45,000 attendees a lucky 2,000 were given their very own curated cheese to take home. And whilst you may be thinking that a great deal of cheese will have gone to waste, that was not the case, with attendees entering into a raffle to win some of the tasty cheese and the remaining being donated to a Wisconsin based food bank.

Wisconsin is one of the United States’ biggest contributors of cheese, with over 48% of speciality cheese produced within the state.

Are you looking to create your very own cheese board centrepiece? Whilst you may struggle to create one quite as big as the one above, a perfectly curated cheese board can add a special touch to any dinner party. Take a look at some of the cheeses J.S. Bailey has to offer, which can purchased from our on-site shop, Calveley Mill.

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