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Comfort food season is officially upon us

As the leaves begin to change colour, the weather gets cooler and the majority of us unpack our jumpers from storage, our love of comfort food returns with full force to keep us warm during the cold winter months.

It is not just a myth that we crave comfort foods during the winter months, in fact, scientists have revealed that colder weather impacts the types of food we consume and how much. With less vitamin D consumption due to less sunlight and thus decreased serotonin levels, we look to elevate these levels once again by consuming more carbohydrate-laden foods.

We here at J.S. Bailey are embracing our comfort food cravings and look to seek out the most delicious cheesy recipes out there, and we want to share them with you.

Comfort food season


A classic Italian dish that you can make in huge portions and freeze, adding mature cheddar and parmesan to the mix gives it the extra special touch for cheese lovers.

French onion soup with gruyere crouton

Cooked on a low heat over a long period makes this one of the most popular soups out there. With a large helping of French baguette topped with melted gruyere cheese, this is the ideal treat for a cold winter’s night.

Mac ‘n’ cheese

Any cheese lover’s dream meal, this mac ‘n’ cheese recipe mixes bacon with mature cheddar and parmesan to create the perfect easy family meal.

Cheesy cottage pie

Yet another dish that can be made and frozen without ruining its delicious taste, adding cheese to the mash potato topping for that extra bit of comfort.

Have you got your own cheesy winter warmer recipe that you’d like to share? Share your own delicious recipes on J.S. Bailey’s Twitter feed by tagging @JSBaileyCheese.