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Stockist spotlight – Clive’s Wines

Our on-site Calveley Mill shop is home to countless brands that have proven to be highly popular with our customers. Each month we will be putting a spotlight on the brands that have been a hit and this month we are taking a look at premium wine producer Clive’s Wines.

Clive's Wines stockist

Based in Staffordshire, Clive’s Wines had humble beginnings, when in 2010 owner, Clive Derby began to experiment with wine making, producing his first flavour, Elderberry, soon after. After establishing a number of delicious recipes, Clive began to take his wines to parties, as well as gifting them.

Word spread quickly about the delicious taste of Clive’s wine and so he took the next step, applying for his license and began to produce his wines on a much larger scale. As demand grew for his product Clive decided to move into larger premises to ensure he had the capacity to produce the wine for his ever-growing list of retail clients.

By 2016 the business had grown to such an extent that Clive decided to leave his full-time job to focus on his thriving wine business, with his wife Sarah joining the business in September 2018. Now with an extensive list of suppliers and permission to use the Stafford Knot by Lord Stafford the product range, Clive’s Wines is enjoyed by wine connoisseurs across the UK.

Calveley Mill are one of the lucky stockists selling Clive’s Wines products, and our customers have continually given each and every flavour rave reviews. With a wide variety of flavours on offer, from gooseberry to plum, cherry to strawberry and elderflower, the Clive’s Wines range has something to offer every occasion.

Visit our Calveley Mill shop any day of the week to take a look at the Clive’s Wines range we have in store.