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Top five signs of a quality wholesale cheese distributor

Whether your business sells cheese as a stand-alone product, or it is used as an ingredient in food manufacturing, ensuring it reaches you in perfect condition is essential. When it comes to choosing a cheese distributor, there are a number of things you should look out for, to indicate that they will provide the levels of service you expect.

Having spent many years distributing cheese products to businesses across the UK and Ireland, we have identified some of the top qualities in our business that encourage our customers to work with us on an ongoing basis.

Cheese distributors

Quality cheese

An obvious but essential sign of a good cheese distributor is the quality of cheese they supply to your business. In the case of J.S. Bailey, we have produced and distributed our own cheese for many years, as well as a number of other leading cheese brands.


Reliability is a vital aspect to any business relationship, but particularly when it comes to the food industry, your supplier must be reliable with regards to speed of service, effective communication and quick response times.

Fleet of vehicles

A strong fleet of vehicles will ultimately ensure the products that you have ordered reach you in the expected condition. For cheese distribution, a fleet must also be temperature controlled so as to ensure the product arrives hygienically.

Customer focused

A customer focused service does not begin and end with the initial sale, but continues throughout the entire distribution process, from enquiry all the way through to the drivers delivering the products.

Timely delivery

Of course, a reliable service also means timely delivery, which, when dealing with food products, is a must. Not only will late deliveries impact upon the quality of the product you receive but your overall operations.

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