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Brand Spotlight – English Tea Shop

Each month we are shining the spotlight on one of the many fantastic brands that our on-site shop, Calveley Mill, stocks. This month we are looking at the customer favourite, English Tea Shop.

With tea sourced from the beautiful farmlands of Sri Lanka, the English Tea Shop takes only the best products from highly reputable farms, combining them together to create delicious tea flavours within its own factory, before the product is hand packed (to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint) and then making the journey across the globe to our shelves and ultimately into our mugs.

English Tea Shop

Established in 2010 the organic tea brand prides itself on its dedication to the people throughout the whole of its supply chain, from those that pick and pack the tea, to those that blend it, and ultimately those that drink it.

The entire process hinges on four key principles for the brand, sustainable, Fairtrade, organic and small farming, this not only benefits the business itself, but those working throughout the supply chain and the generations that will follow.

To back up the brand’s dedication to producing a sustainable product, it has gained certification from a number of organisations including, the Soil Association, Fairtrade International and the Control Union Certifications. The tea itself is grown without the help of chemical fertilisers or pesticides, grown in small quantities within small farms, due to the understanding that these farmers are supporting the natural ecosystem.

The end product is a delicious range of white, black, herbal and green teas that have some of the most innovative and tasty flavours in the tea market, including:

  • Lemongrass, ginger and citrus
  • Classic English breakfast
  • Spiced red fruits
  • Green tea pomegranate
  • Chocolate, rooibos and vanilla
  • Green tea tropical
  • Cranberry vanilla delight
  • And so many more

The Calveley Mill shop is proud to be one of the lucky suppliers of the English Tea Shop range, and it has become a huge hit with our customers. Want to try it for yourself? Pop into the Calveley Mill Shop to pick up your new favourite tea, we are open Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm), Saturday (8.30am to 4pm) and Sunday (10am to 4pm).

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