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Looking for inspiration for summer dishes?

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to create delicious dishes featuring your favourite cheeses.   From goats’ cheese salad to the perfect cheeseburger straight off the bbq the possibilities are endless.

Here’s our top 5 suggestions (in no particular order) for perfect summery dishes involving cheese.

Classic Greek Salad

Nothing says sunshine quite like a bowl of Greek salad.  Chunks of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, and black olives drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and oregano.

Greek Salad


A bbq isn’t really a bbq without a cheeseburger.  The difficult thing is deciding which cheese to top your burger with.  This summer we’re recommending our smoked cheddar for that extra smoky bbq flavour or cheddar and sundried tomato to really add that hint of sunshine.



The beauty of making a frittata is you can throw in whatever is in season. Asparagus and cheddar, pea and feta, spinach and mozzarella, tomato, peppers and one of our chilli cheeses – try scorpion or volcano if you like hot chilli or our cheddar, chilli & mixed peppers for a milder chilli flavour.



A quiche can be the perfect dish for an al fresco lunch or a centrepiece for a buffet.  Just like with a frittata you can combine different flavours and make the most of seasonal products.  Roasted tomato, basil and cheddar is always a favourite or try garden vegetables (courgettes, peas or broad beans all work well) and goats’ cheese.


We’d love to see your summer cheese creations, share your ideas and dishes with us on Twitter.