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The four steps to great cheesemaking

For centuries, cheesemaking has been a coveted profession, in large part due to the enormous popularity of cheese globally, as well as the traditional nature of the cheese manufacturing process.

These days, as cheese connoisseurs look for innovative flavour combinations, hygienic production and an all-round great tasting product, cheesemakers must take a number of crucial steps, necessary to ensuring a fantastic (not to mention delicious) cheese product is produced.

cheesemakingThere are many steps to great cheesemaking, however we have pinpointed the four most important steps that we have implemented into our own processes over the years, all of which have greatly contributed to our own success, take a look below:

Equipment & facilities

Of course, high production standards require state of the art facilities and equipment when it comes to cheesemaking. Both of these elements not only ensure that hygiene standards are met, but that customer demand in terms of size, shape and quantity can also be met.


Dedication to quality marks any reputable cheese making business. Whilst the right equipment and facilities will play a significant part of this, knowledgeable staff, robust procedures and consistent investment in the latest technologies and processes, all work together in ensuring a quality end product.


Experience within the industry is one of the most crucial aspects to cheesemaking, as this not only allows for quality cheese production, but in managing customer accounts, transport logistics and, above all, meeting the high standards expected.


Any reputable cheese company will offer customers a wide variety of choice when it comes to shape, size and, of course, flavour of their cheese range. Here at J.S. Bailey we offer an ever-growing list of handmade cheese flavours, from extra spicy scorpion, to delicious caramelised onion through to classic cider and apple, as well as traditional smoked cheddar. Not only this, but we also offer corporate customers a variety of formats for our cheese, whether they require grated, sliced, wheels or pre-packed.

Find out more about J.S. Bailey’s cheesemaking process on our cheese production page and place your order here.