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Best Winter Cheeses

As we are now approaching the coldest and most festive time of year people are changing their culinary habits to sumptuous comfort food.

Christmas is on the horizon so people are just beginning to consider their Christmas menus. Cheese is a wonderful food because it suits every season. You can get real pleasure from enjoying cheese and wine on the patio in summer or a rustic cheese platter in winter.

If are looking for the best winter cheeses to enjoy throughout the season or as part of a fabulous Christmas platter there are plenty that will fill you up with the perfect spectrum of flavours.
While we know all cheeses can be enjoyable throughout the season there are some contenders that tend to feature frequently on Christmas platters. The reason for this is that these cheeses have the right textures and flavours to make us feel satisfied and warmed in the winter chill.

Soft cheese like camembert is great for winter because you can enjoy it cold or warm so that the soft insides turn gooey. This is a fabulous treat on a cold day with a glass of room temperature red wine. Not only is it a tasty treat by itself but a popular feature on Christmas cheese platters. Brie is also commonly seen on winter platters.

Why not try adding a harder Manchego cheese for a bite of texture and Cambozola Black Label Blue Cheese. Strong blue cheeses have an almost spicy or warming quality making them a great addition to any winter cheese platter.

When designing a Christmas cheese platter, the accompaniments are almost as important as the cheese itself. It is always a good idea to provide a sweet and savoury side with your cheese platter. In summer this might be olives and fruits but for winter we suggest going with salty crackers for your savoury and honey for your sweet to make a perfect balance.

If you’re looking for something a little more robust that creates a great colourful visual platter to stand out on a winter table, then substitute your crackers for some cold cured meats like Bresaola and your honey for a delicious blood orange.

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