Our Cheese Brands

As an independent supplier of English regional and continental cheese to the catering and food services industry we offer a range of different brands to meet the varying requirements of our growing customer base.

Quality and consistency are priorities at JS Bailey Cheese

Whichever of our brands you select you can always be confident that we will deliver on flavour and quality.  You can also choose form a range of sizes and cheese formats depending on your requirements so whether you require your cheese in a block or sliced or grated ready for use we can supply cheese to meet your specifications.

Calveley Mill

Our recently rebranded Calveley Mill range offers an extensive selection of traditional British cheeses, continental cheeses and a wide selection of interesting and innovative flavoured cheese.

Chef's Blend and Chef's Pizza Blend

Our Chef’s Blend range was created specifically for the commercial sector. The pre-grated blend is available in three varieties: mature grated, white mild and coloured mild.

Specifically for the pizza sector we have also developed our Chef’s Pizza blend. Perfect for pizza makers of all shapes and sizes from industrial manufacturers to the local pizzeria. This mozzarella based blend comes ready grated to just the right consistency and offers the perfect topping.



Kerrymaid brand includes a range of dairy products such as cheese slices, whipping cream, custard and spreads.

bespoke grated

Bespoke Grated

Bespoke grated is our range of premium quality selected cheese aimed at restaurateurs

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