Welcome to our brand new webiste

J S Bailey are delighted to announce the launch of our fabulous new website.

As one of the leading cheese suppliers and manufacturers in the Cheshire region we needed a truly impressive website to market our brand and delicious products.

At J S Bailey, we take great pride in what we do and it only makes sense to properly convey our high-quality cheese products to the online world.

We have been eagerly anticipating the launch of our new site and now that it is here we couldn’t be more pleased. On our new website, you will discover everything that makes J S Bailey Cheese so special, from the history of our company to all our scrumptious products.

J S Bailey was first launched in 1984 and now we have clients all over the UK who benefit from our delicious cheese products. On our new website, you will find all the brands and specialist products we supply, including block cheese, grated cheese, sliced cheese, cheese wheels, pre-pack wedges, Kerrymaid, Bespoke Grated, Chef’s Blend and our own handmade flavoured cheese.

You can also find out more about our production methods, company ethics and our distribution services, as well as all our contact details so you can get in touch and become a distributor of J S Bailey Cheese.

J S Bailey Cheese products have always proved highly popular and now you can browse our site with ease on whatever device you choose. Our brand spanking new website comes courtesy of web designers Entyce Creative from Chester and contains all the most modern design techniques and technology.

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