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Cheese Toasties. Which is your favourite?

What makes the perfect cheese toastie combination? When it comes to a toasted cheese sandwich then the combination possibilities are endless. So simple but so comforting, you really can put anything into a toastie. We have explored different combinations, some you may never have thought about from, the classic to the adventurous, you may want to try some of these yourselves.


The classics

Of course, there are the classic combinations: ham & cheese, cheese & onion, cheese & tomato; these all work perfectly with good quality, mature cheddar. Then there’s tuna melt, or steak and cheese. For our tuna melt we would happily stick with cheddar but for a steak and cheese toastie then it might be time to think about alternatives. Steak and blue cheese are a match made in heaven.

The deli

There are the delicatessen favourites such as brie & cranberry, bacon & brie, mushroom & stilton. Subtle but warming tastes, they give an up-market edge to a toastie. Caramelised onion and goats cheese is another favourite which is a perfect combination. Pastrami & cheese is a continental delicacy, we would recommend a little melted swiss cheese and a swipe of mustard.
Fruit and cheese can be found in many different recipes and if a Hawaiian pizza is a guilty pleasure then the pineapple, ham and melted gruyere with a little paprika would make this toastie.

The adventurous

If you fancy something that is out of your norm, what about a chilli cheese and chicken. Our chilli cheese would be great to melt into a chicken toastie, a little kick to keep you interested. Or how about a little marmite & cheese? Love or hate, it definitely goes. Our marmite cheddar cheese is the perfect melting sensation.
A weird and wonderful combination of brie and chocolate is a new craze hitting the toastie scene. We wouldn’t normally associate chocolate with cheese however, we would definitely give it a try.

Who would ever think of putting potato into a cheese and ham toastie? Take your classic toastie and add your favourite flavour crisps on top of your cheddar cheese or mozzarella, adding a little crunch to your toastie.

If you have a toastie maker lying around the house, why not bring it to life and test one of these delicious combos? You can buy all our cheeses from our Farm Shop, Calveley Mill.

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