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Our on-site cheese shop and café in the heart of Cheshire

Since 2015 our on-site shop and café, Calveley Mill, has attracted visitors from far and wide, and with our ever-growing range of exciting products our customer base is growing every day.

Calveley Mill

Based in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, Calveley Mill, was opened due to the high local demand for our cheese range, and over the past four years our cafe and shop has gone from strength to strength.

Our customers are not shy about their love for our shop and café, with countless five-star reviews on both Facebook and Trip Advisor, praising the quality of our products and the service they receive during their visit.

Calveley Mill shop

The products that we sell in our Calveley Mill shop range from every day groceries, to premium food brands through to quality gifts and fashion items.

We stock many brands, specifically chosen for their dedication to quality and huge popularity amongst our customers, including:

  • Mrs Bridges
  • Cheshire Farm Ice Cream
  • Tilley Green Coffee
  • Teapigs
  • Clive’s Wines
  • Cottage Delight
  • And many others

Of course, the star of the show is our very own Calveley Mill cheese brand, featuring a wide variety of exciting flavours including extra spicy Volcano and Scorpion, cheddar and caramelised onion, cheddar and curry and, love it or hate it, cheddar and marmite.

Calveley Mill cafe

The popularity of our café rose to such an extent that we are now open seven days a week. Serving many popular snacks and dishes that have been carefully crafted by our talented chefs.

From roast dinners to fish and chips, sandwiches to the classic crumpet, alongside a variety of hot and cold drinks, café visitors have praised us for our selection. And, of course, our café wouldn’t be complete without trying on of our delicious Calveley Mill cheeses (one of our favourites is our crumpets topped with spicy scorpion cheese).

Calveley Mill even boasts a beautiful outdoor seating area, perfect for anyone passing by the J.S. Bailey factory in the spring and summer, whether by car, foot or even by canal boat.

Come visit us! We are open Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm), Saturday (8.30am to 4pm) and Sunday (10am to 4pm).

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