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Grated Cheese

Our Grated Cheeses

Choose from a wide selection of delicious cheeses in our grated cheese range.
Product 6x1.8Kg 6x2kg 5x2Kg 10x1Kg 2x5Kg Q Diced Shredded
White Mild Cheddar
White Medium Cheddar
White Mature Cheddar
Coloured Mild Cheddar
Coloured Medium Cheddar
Coloured Mature Cheddar
Mozzarella 100%
Mozzarella / Cheddar 50/50%
Mozzarella / Cheddar 70/30%
Mozzarella / Cheddar 80/20%
Mozzarella / Analogue 50/50%
Mozzarella / Analogue 70/30%
Mozzarella / Analogue 80/20%
Red Leicester
Double Gloucester
Edam Cheese
Gouda Cheese
White Cheshire
Ultra Strong Cheddar
Low Fat White Cheddar 14%
Formaggio Melt
Gruyere Grated
White Cheddar / Coloured Cheddar 50/50%
Red Leicester / White Mature Cheddar 50/50%
White Mature Grated
Pizza Cheese
Bespoke Green
White Mild Cheddar
Bespoke Blue Coloured
Mild Cheddar

Cut sizes for Q Diced = 5x5x5mmm/4x4x4mm

Cut Size for Shredded = 4x4x20mm

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