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Easter Eggs

You are never too old for an Easter egg. We all love chocolate and there is something special about egg shaped chocolate all wrapped up in shiny foil. In the UK, on average every child receives 8.8 Easter eggs! There are plenty of luxurious chocolate eggs aimed at adults too.


Despite the nation’s obvious love of Easter eggs in recent years we’ve seen lots of variations including the now commonplace chocolate bunny and everything from chocolate shaped dinosaurs to chocolate pineapples.

It would appear though that this year some manufacturers and retailers have decided that we need some alternatives to the traditional chocolate treats this Easter. There are plenty of toy alternatives aimed at children but we’ve also seen some alternatives aimed at the grown-ups. We’ve spotted some cheese eggs instead.

One food blogger has partnered with an artisan cheese maker to produce what they are calling the “Cheester Egg.” A 260g egg shaped solid cheese. This might be the perfect alternative for anyone who doesn’t like chocolate and the ideal Easter treat for cheese lovers.

Then there is the Cheeaster Egg, Wensleydale, raspberry and white chocolate in an egg-shaped truckle. We haven’t tried it yet and whilst we love experimenting with different cheese flavours we’re a little sceptical about this one!

As much as we love chocolate we all know what it feels like to overindulge in too much chocolate at Easter. Maybe the cheese egg isn’t such a bad idea. What do you think?  Would you like to see our scorpion cheese turned into a fiery, chilli egg in time for next year? Or maybe cheddar and marmite, the perfect Easter treat for anyone who loves marmite! Have you bought anyone a cheese egg? Or perhaps you’ve tried the Wensleydale, raspberry and white chocolate egg. Let us know what you think on Twitter @JSBaileyCheese