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What is the best cheese for melting?

Whether a pizza, toastie, fondue, lasagne, nachos or any other delicious meal, there is one key ingredient that brings the dish together, melted cheese. With so many different varieties available, it can be difficult to choose that perfect cheese to accompany your meal, however there are certain cheeses that make a much more desirable option when looking for that perfectly melted treat.

Take a look below as we explore some of the best cheeses out there for melting:
Best cheese for melting

Best cheeses for melting


Arguably the star of pizzas, pasta and many other dishes, mozzarella is one of the most melted cheeses used in the food industry. Due to its relatively mild flavour, mozzarella doesn’t overpower other ingredients in a dish, therefore is the ideal choice for many.


One of the most popular choices for a cheesy fondue, emmental melts perfectly whilst still maintaining its shape so that no matter what you choose to dip, meats, breads or vegetables, it is the most suitable for a dinner party of cheese lovers.


A staple of any home, cheddar is delicious in both its solid and melted forms. If you want your cheddar to melt perfectly but have that distinct taste then we would recommend choosing a younger cheddar rather than aged due to the moisture levels in each.

Some tips on melting your cheese

  • Grating harder cheeses will not only speed up the melting process but ensure the cheese melts more smoothly
  • Want a smooth melted cheese? Add corn-starch as this will reduce the amount of clumps. Alternatively, the acid in lemon juice or white wine will break down the proteins in cheese which will leave a smoother finish
  • Use a low heat to melt your cheese as you may find it goes from melted to burnt quickly

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